Book 5 – A Life Tested

Fifth in the epic 7-part series: Unity and Liberty

Paperback ISBN 978-1-925151-14-5

Kindle eBook ISBN 978-1-9251510-2-2


The world was an enormous place; filled with good and evil, beauty and ugliness, wonder and despair.  Sometimes all seemed lost, returning from the latest round of negotiations and attempting to balance the surreal career of a chart-topping musician with the demands of an advocate for those discarded by mainstream society.  With every problem the Diamonds worked to solve, a new one would be right around the corner.

All was not lost, however.  Unity and Liberty, the twin spirits living in two perfect beings waiting for him at home, were all Jeff needed to spur him on.  They would one day inherit the world which he and his beautiful best friend were intent on changing for the better, along with the millions of others who wrote to the couple every day, seeking ever more of their energy, time and money.

The tired author kept reverting to the theme of reciprocity.  We should never take more than we give.  If only they could convince enough people of their byword…  It was right that the struggle should never end.  What would he do if it did?

There was no room for self-satisfied fat cats in their life singular.  What sort of example might that set for those who must follow? Lynn had departed, the children were growing stronger now, and the widower heard the clock ticking night after night after night.

Still with so many amazing experiences to recount, the lost boy knew his dream girl couldn’t wait forever.  He was grateful for this opportunity to set the record straight, but gratitude could only take him so far.

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