Reviews for A Life Lived

I have been fortunate to have received some great reviews for my books.

Book 4 – A Life Lived

Well done Lorraine Pestell!

I was given the first four books in this series in exchange for fair and honest reviews

For those who are unfamiliar with this series, the first thing I must say is you need to start with book one. In book four, widow Jeff continues with his autobiography and shares more of his life with his beloved Lynn. Having read the first three books, I feel I know these (fictional) people on a personal level, having shared so much of their experiences. A Life Singular is a romance story told with such care and attention to detail that I struggle to believe the author is not recapping real events. The exploration of love, of morality, of adversity of many kinds is wonderfully woven into the subtext in a thought-provoking but non-pedantic way. Subjects such as mental illness are carefully and authentically touched upon. The birth of children is beautifully handled and adds an additional layer of emotion to proceedings. I may have come to the end of my free four part series but I shall certainly keep an eye out for the planned parts five and six. Well done, Lorraine Pestell.

Thor, Amazon, August 2015

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