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A Life Singular

Welcome to the official website of Lorraine Pestell, author of the epic multi-part contemporary fiction series, “A Life Singular”.
Escape into the world of celebrity and explore a backstory that will excite, educate and enchant you.
My books deal with today’s complex social justice issues using the universal themes of love and the relentless passage of time.
5* Amazon review:  “A Wonderful Series Begins Here!”
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Books 1 to 6 are available for purchase in print or ebooks on Amazon and Smashwords.

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The second part of "A Life Singular" will be released in November 2020 to coincide with the Independent Australian Authors Symposium.

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A Few Reviews

There is a so much happening in what is a beautiful story about life and love. Even more appealing than your typical love story is how the author has embedded into the storyline some of the more difficult social questions that we often avoid addressing, making it more intellectual than your typical love story.

I can't wait to read the next book in the series!

5* review from Jenny on Goodreads
for "A Life Singular"
So having read the second instalment of this epic, I am now well and truly hooked. My initial reservations about the length have been negated by the slightly quicker pace to part two, and the additional level of polish. It is also slightly shorter than part one.

Dealing with bereavement, Jeff reminisces how he and Lynn met as he writes his autobiography, and Pestell has captured the sense of romance perfectly. This only emphasises the tragedy of events in book 1. Jeff was a handsome songwriter from a tough background, who managed to book himself an unlikely date with tennis player / pop star, Lynn.

The skeletons in Jeff's closet gave him many doubts about the unfolding relationship, but Lynn's trust gradually helped him to heal the scars of the past.

5* review by Ebook Planet on Goodreads
for "A Life Found"
Great series! Enjoyed all of them very much!

Picking up smoothly where the second book in this series left us, we continue to learn of Jeff and Lynn’s past together and how they struggled to overcome countless barriers and be together as intended.

This was a story of true soul mates colliding and recognizing their destiny together, even if it wasn’t evident to others at the time.

The story is told from Jeff’s perspective. He is writing the story of his life with his late wife and the reader sees the past as well as the present in this book.

As with the previous two books in this series, the story was well written and held my interest throughout.

5* review from Wilson R on Amazon
for "A Life Entwined"
**I was given the first four books in this series in exchange for fair and honest reviews**

For those who are unfamiliar with this series, the first thing I must say is you need to start with book one.

In book four, widow Jeff continues with his autobiography and shares more of his life with his beloved Lynn. Having read the first three books, I feel I know these (fictional) people on a personal level, having shared so much of their experiences. A Life Singular is a romance story told with such care and attention to detail that I struggle to believe the author is not recapping real events.

The exploration of love, of morality, of adversity of many kinds is wonderfully woven into the subtext in a thought-provoking but non-pedantic way. Subjects such as mental illness are carefully and authentically touched upon. The birth of children is beautifully handled.

5* review from Obsessive Ebook Reviewer on Amazon
for "A Life Lived"

My Life's Work

“A Life Singular” is a 7-part series of contemporary fiction novels that follows a successful rock star as he writes his autobiography, after losing his soul-mate to a bullet meant for him.
Best read in sequence, these books deal with social justice issues on a backdrop of stardom, music and travel.
Amid a public outcry of emotion from fans baying for blood, Jeff and his two teenaged children set about collecting memories and photographs of their happy family into a fitting tribute for Lynn, assuaging their grief and planning a future without her.

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Why I Write


Lorraine Pestell was born in London and has had a successful IT career in the UK, US, Europe, Singapore, and more recently Australia.

Lorraine is a life-long sufferer of Clinical Depression and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. She began using writing as therapy, attempting to find her place in the world. "A Life Singular" soon developed into an epic family saga, with the first book published in 2013.

She resides in Queensland with her rescued Belgian Shepherd, Nikki.

Charities Supported

Sales proceeds from Lorraine's books go to two Australian non-profit organisations assisting disadvantaged young people with their education: EdConnect Australia and The Smith Family